FPRI This is Insolence!

The report prepared by The Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI), an American think tank based in Pennsylvania, on Turkey is unacceptable.

A. Stein and Nicholas Danfort, who prepared the report, violated both academic principles and the law of a country.

Deepened Chaos

The image chosen for the cover of the report is a complete disaster. This image was chosen consciously.

Since there was no strong opposition in the elections to be held on May 14, FPRI gave the message of involvement of global powers by social engineering. It called for Deepened Chaos.

FPRI also knows that the 14 May elections will not be the presidential elections of only one country.

Global Powers Unstoppable Power Erdogan …

The strategy of structuring the Bureaucracy Council in Turkey for Deepened Chaos will soon take its place in the national and international media…

Bureaucracy Council

FPRI believes that democracy or ballot box results will not pave the way for what is expected for Turkey.

The Bureaucracy Council will work for the society to target Erdogan. In a few months, it will have unexpected reactions…

With the report it published yesterday, FPRI has both revealed itself and proved that it is not a fair research institution…

It is institutional blindness when he thinks that FPRI will stop Erdogan, whom Global Powers has not been able to stop for 20 years…

Ercan Harmancı

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